operations and Cancellation Policy

Trip Cancellation Policy


Momentum Journeys Travel Agency Inc. strongly recommends that you purchase travel insurance for trip cancellation and interruption to cover services provided by third parties, including but not limited to air and land transport, hotels, lift passes, and guiding/ instruction.

In the event that a trip is cancelled or interrupted by Covid 19 related travel restrictions or any other reason beyond our control including cancellation by the customer, Canadian Staycations Inc. will refund as much of the amounts paid to, or deposited with, us that is not paid or payable to third party service providers, minus a cancellation fee of $200 to cover some of our costs.  We will also provide you with your share of any amounts refunded to us by such third parties.  Please understand that a complete refund or full credit for future travel is not possible.  If such third party providers offer refunds or credits for future travel, Canadian Staycations Inc. will pass on those refunds or credits to those booked on the affected trip in a fair and equitable manner determined by Canadian Staycations Inc. in its sole and absolute discretion.  Where such third parties do not refund any amounts to Canadian Staycations Inc., we will not be in a position to provide a refund to you.  By booking with us, you accept and agree to these limitations on our liability to you for deposits or amounts paid to us in connection with cancelled or interrupted trips.


BAGGAGE FEES and MISSED FLIGHTS: Please be aware, we have no control over airline baggage fees, which vary from airline to airline and are subject to change by the airlines, often with little notice.  If you get moved from one airline to another because of delays, disruptions and cancellations you may get charged fees unexpectedly. 

The traveller is responsible for checking in on time, and presenting themselves at the gate in time to board the plane, and for behaving with politeness and courtesy to airline and other service provider staff.

DOCUMENTS: The traveller is responsible for saving or printing travel documents such as hotel vouchers and keeping them safe. Please print or save these as soon as you receive them in a manner that makes them easily accessible and legible to service provider staff.

MISSED RESORT SHUTTLES AND SERVICES: The traveller is responsible for boarding shuttles on time. Likewise, the traveller is responsible for meeting service providers at times dictated by the service provider. We have no control over timings of services such as group lessons, meal times, shop opening hours, hotel late arrival deadlines etc.

SERVICES NOT BOOKED BY US: We cannot be held responsible for services not booked by us. Services not booked by us which don’t align with timings of other parts of your trip are not our responsibility, HOWEVER, because we’re nice people, we will help figure out solutions (and there are always solutions).

ERRORS ON THE PART OF SERVICE PROVIDERS: Everyone makes mistakes, even our awesome providers. When they do, we will work very hard to help the provider put things right, however we cannot be held responsible for errors not made by us. Remember, when this happens, we are the guys working to put things right, not the guys who made the mistake.

CHANGES TO INCLUSIONS: From time to time providers change the inclusions they offer, for instance one year a ski pass may cover 4 resorts and the next it may cover just 3. Hotels may offer access to other in town services one year, and then drop these services the following year. We ask for your understanding that as a travel agency is not possible for us to know of all these changes and we are not repsonsible for such changes on the part of providers.

THE GOOD NEWS: We understand the importance of your trip, and we work very hard to make sure everything about your trip is just fantastic.

AND FINALLY, LET’S ALL BE NICE TO EACH OTHER! We work very hard for our customers. Please treat our staff, and those of your service providers with kindness, politeness and respect. None of us know what is going on in other people’s lives.

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